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Clove Tea: A Delicious Remedy

The use of herbs, spices, and plants to help heal diseases and prevent sicknesses has been in practice for thousands of years, even recorded in the history of ancient civilizations. These ancient remedies and natural tonics have continued to aid us even today as more studies and research uncover the many benefits and uses behind these natural remedies. Although many herbal teas are taken more for their advantages than their taste, there are a few herbal teas that taste great as well. In the case of cloves, this spice not only has many health advantages, but it also has a favorable taste, making it one of the more preferred natural remedies.

Cloves, most widely known as a spice that is used in cooking, are strongly scented, flavorful flower buds that have been dried for use. They are gathered from trees that are belonging to the Myrtle family, and often cloves are harvested in parts of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Although these dried buds are great for culinary uses, they are also widely used in the medicinal world as well. When used to make a tea, cloves can offer a few good health benefits to those that drink it.

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Digestive Aid

One benefit that can be derived from clove tea is its ability to help work as a digestive aid. Drinking one cup of this tea after an unsettling meal can help ease feelings of indigestion or discomfort as well as rid the stomach of bloated feelings. The carminative properties of this tea help by relieving flatulence as well. Drinking this tea can also soothe abdominal pains that are a result from cramps as well.

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Antiseptic Qualities

This tea also has some high antiseptic qualities to it. Drinking it can help prevent bacterial infections and can also improve dental hygiene by limiting bacteria in the mouth as well. The volatile oils that are present in this tea help to cleanse the body and can even be used topically to help heal external wounds. Applying some cooled clove tea to the skin can help protect cuts, scrapes, and other wounds from bacterial infections.

Preparation: To prepare clove tea, simply take one tea bag filled with crushed clove and allow it to steep covered in a cup of hot water for a period of 8 to 10 minutes. Afterwards, milk and sugar or honey can be added for a drink similar to Chai in taste. Since the effects cloves can have on pregnancy are still unknown, it is best to consult with a doctor prior to taking this tea if you are pregnant or nursing. It is also suggested to consult with a doctor prior to using this tea if you are currently prescribed to any medications.

The powerful healing qualities of clove tea make it great for drinking, but it is also a good tea to drink casually for its good taste as well. If you enjoy strong, flavorful brews of tea, clove tea may be worth your time to try. Clove tea is usually readily available at most health food stores. However, it may be more convenient to find clove tea on the internet from online vendors. If you are searching for an online merchant to purchase all natural teas from, we highly recommend Buddha Teas. Buddha Teas is an online merchant of 100% organic teas that ensures safe packaging in bleach and dioxin free tea bags. We truly hope that this article has been able to answer any inquiries you may have had regarding clove tea. However, if you have any additional questions you are more than welcome to contact us for further information.